smiley face blue and yellowHello! This is Hannah here welcoming you to my new blog.  Mr.McGuire has helped me create this blog and I am glad he helped me.

I think it is awesome to have my own blog.  This blog is part of Mr.McGuire’s blog, The Reading Workshop. I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog and please feel free to comment on any of my posts.  So long for now!!


15 responses »

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, just sitting here, wishing Mr. McGuire would quit typing on my blog.

  2. micahl22 says:

    Hi! Hannah I want to tell you that I really like your Blog. Your Blog is really creative, with all of the school like pictures and colors.

  3. ashleighm22 says:

    Hey Hannah its Ashleigh. I like your blog it is very good for having your blog for only a few days.

  4. kaitlync22 says:

    Hey Hannah, I love your blog it looks sweet:) I want one like this:)

  5. tylerb222 says:

    Hi, Hannah I really like your blog.

  6. ericd22 says:

    Hi Hannah it’s me Eric your best buddy like your blog.

  7. joshj22 says:

    Hey Hannah nice blog it has pretty colors 🙂 have you seen mine if not check it out peace out!

  8. Mrs. Caudill says:

    Hi, Hannah! Your blog is looking pretty good. I am looking forward to checking out your blog and all of the others throughout the year! Maybe you will be able to give me some pointers soon!

  9. Natalie E. from Pickaway says:

    Hey Hannah I love your blog! I wish I had a blog as good as yours. Well I don’t have a blog so yours is the best colorful, creative blog I have ever seen. I can’t wait ’till the Ohio State game tomorrow. See you then!!

  10. bethaniee22 says:

    Awesome blog Hannah. I love it. And don’t forget to visit my blog.

  11. Molly C. says:

    Hey Hannah I think your blog is awesome! I can not wait to have one of my own. See you later. Bye!

  12. jacobp22 says:

    You have a really nice blog Hannah.

  13. joeyp22 says:

    Hi like your blog

  14. hadleyp22 says:

    Hey, I love love love love love love love love love love love love love that picture of the smileys. It reminds me that it’s okay to stand out. I think that picture is really inspiring. TTYL!

  15. Your blog is soooooooo awsome.It is so cool that you get your own.I wish I had one.

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