I have added my fellow classmates blogs to the right on “Student Blogs”.  I encourage you to check out their blogs and hope you comment on all of them(including mine 🙂 ).  I think it is very neat to see their themes and the posts that they put up.  Like I said before, please feel free to check out everybody’s blog!


4 responses »

  1. madisonh22 says:

    Cool blog Hannah. You have the same background as me.

  2. ryleec22 says:

    Well this is a response to what you sent to me. First off thank you. Secondly It is snow and trees and plus I can do whatever I want. Now the serious answer is that I do not want to copy another persons backround and I thought that one was cool so I put that as my backround

  3. ericd22 says:

    Hi Hannah I like the theme you picked out it’s very creative and it has a rytheme to it.

  4. bethaniee22 says:

    Cool blog. Love the background.

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