Ohio State BuckeyesYesterday Ohio State played the Illinois Fighting Illini as the Big Ten season opener.  Ohio State played in the pouring down rain in the first half and then in the second half, the rain cleared out.  Lucky for me I was at this game sitting with my Dad wearing ponchos and freezing half to death.  I absolutely love watching football so this was a great experience for me being able to watch Terelle Pryor and all the other players.  At the end of the game when there was about five minutes left, my dad and I started to leave.  When we were on the bottom level, we looked inside the stadium.  The usher was nice enough to let us sit in the empty handicap section because everyone was leaving.  We were right on the five yard line, sixth row up.  I said to my dad, “These are the bests seats I have ever sat in.”

We also went to what’s called the “Skull Session.”  This is in St. John’s Arena and it is where the band warms up before the game.  The place is packed and the music is loud, so it is awesome.  The football team came through and they had chosen a captain to speak and the coach Jim Tressell talked for a short amount of time.   After they talked, the football team left and the band played some music.  Jefferson High School Band was there to because the person that was dotting the “I” in ” Script Ohio”,  was from Jefferson and that band played a couple of tunes too.


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    It sounds like a neat experience–and one I am sure you will never forget. 🙂

  2. tylerb222 says:

    I really like your post about the football game and I bet you had fun.:)

    • hannahc22 says:

      I did have fun and what made it even funner was having my friend and her Dad ride with us to the game. My cousin and his friend also rode up with us so that made it even more funner.

  3. hannahh222 says:

    That sounds so cool. I love the blog and the name!

  4. kasir22 says:

    I really like your blog Hannah!! I like your post about the football game and I bet you were really glad when it stopped raining. I hope you had lots of fun there even though it was raining and was cold.

    • hannahc22 says:

      I was really glad it stopped raining. These college guys in front of us wore nothing but t-shirts, shorts and jeans. When it rained softly, they were soaked to the bone but when it rained really hard, they started yelling like they were all happy that is was raining. It was really funny :). But also, when the wind picked up, they were shaking as hard as they could.

  5. Your Dad says:

    I’m still dumping the water out of my shoes and it’s two days later. It will probaly snow when Molly goes to her OSU game.

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