ruby electricThis is my letter to Mr. McGuire about how the main character and I are alike and different in my SSR book, Ruby Electric.

September 25, 2009

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I would like to tell you about how my main character in my book is alike and different from me. Ruby Miller is the main character in the book that I am reading, Ruby Electric. Ruby is twelve and a half years old and lives in San Fernando Valley, California. This book has a lot of action and is very exciting.

Ruby is different from me because she likes movies and writing more than seven page long scripts. I think the scripts that she writes are very good and evidently she thinks so too because she has enough courage to send a letter to Mr. Spielberg, a very famous movie director. That is another reason why she and I are very different. I would never have the courage to send a famous person a letter containing what I have written. All through the story she is very brave and I am not very brave like her.

We are alike in many different ways. One way is because Ruby is the smartest girl in her school and I am pretty smart. When she gets caught with Big Skinny and Mouse, the Dumb and Dumber of her middle school, she ends up going to the police station with them because she was talking to them while they were painting on private property. That just about kills her. Another way we are alike is because Ruby keeps getting interrupted with big things and my life is sort of like that too. When she has plans to do something her Dad always calls and wants to meet them for dinner and when they do get there, he never shows up and she had to leave the plans that she had just for that.  My life  sort of keeps getting interupted with big things like deaths and that kind of stuff

Thank you for reading my letter and even though I am supposed to be writing about how the main character and me are alike, I would still like to ask you to read this book because it is definitely one of my top favorite books that I have read.




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  1. Rico says:

    Thanks for the book summary. I’ll recommend it to my girls.

    Also, it takes courage to put your writing out in a pubilc forum, so you might be more brave than you think!

  2. hadleyp22 says:

    Even though I’ve already read your blog in the editing process, it is still really, really nice. Love your pics! Comment me back. See ya!!

  3. micahl22 says:

    Hi! Hannah, I want to tell you that I really like your blog. Your blog is very creative and I like all of your different pictures.

  4. kater22 says:

    (: Hey Hannah that book looks awesome!!! That weird picture is cool!!! I saw that you commented on my blog so I’m commenting on yours!!!! See ya later!!! 🙂

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