Will SmithToday in the Reading Workshop when we watched Will Smith’s video on being successful, the one area of his video that stuck out to me the most was ” Lay one brick at a time,” because I think that’s what you need to do in life.  You don’t want to put every brick down all at one time because you will miss out on a chance to try and do new things and you will also be taking the shortcut.  That is another thing Will talked about.  If you lay down one brick at a time, you won’t miss your chance to make a difference.  You will also be taking the long but successful path.

I think this explains how I am because I don’t want to miss out on half of my life just because I took the shortcut.  Even though the long way will take a lot of work, it is definitely not worth taking the easy way out of school and other things like sports and stuff.  There’s no way you can take the easy way out in school and sports without getting in trouble somehow.  If you take the easy way out, chances are you will get in trouble.

In school, I have to make sure I get my homework done and I’m well-organized.  For example, science is one of my least favorite subjects.  But even though it is one of my least favorites, that doesn’t mean I can’t try to do my best.  I still have to take the long way and lay one brick at a time.

Even if you take the long path and you at least try, but maybe didn’t get exactly where your teacher, coach, parent or whoever wanted you to get to, but at least you didn’t take the shortcut.

You can go to http://www.thereadingworkshop.com/2009/10/fake-reading-will-smith-and-being to watch this video.


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  1. Rico says:

    Sounds like a good approach to take… no matter what age.

  2. Mr. McGuire says:

    Great points! So what areas in your life will most benefit by taking one step at a time? And how will it look? What specific steps will lead to the greatest gains?

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