larger than life LaraToday in the Reading Worksop, we started reading a GREAT book, Larger-Than-Life Lara.  I am going to tell you about my first impressions on this book.

One of my first impressions on this book is how big Lara is.  I think by the way the Laney described her, Lara is about the size of my whole family if we were connected together.  She might even be a little bigger.  Another one of my first impressions of this book is the wording.

Another first impressions of the book is how the author, Dandi Daley Mackall, does a great job of making you find out stuff that she doesn’t put flat out in the book.  For example, we had to figure out what happened to Laney’s Mom because in the book, it said, “There’s a picture of my mom in my dad’s underwear drawer along with all the other magazines Dad doesn’t want my brothers to see.”  That says that something happened to her Mom and her Dad doesn’t want them to see the picture.  At least that’s what we figured out in Reading Workshop.

The last first impression of this book that I am going to write today is the things I’m learning just reading this book.  I have learned about the parts of a book, which is called the story elements, about context clues, and many other things just from how the author writes this book.  I almost forgot, I also learned about digression, which is where you get off-topic.

I hope this book turns out to be one of my favorite books for read-aloud, which I’m sure it will be.


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    I hope you like the book, too. I can tell by your post that you really “get it” so you will most likely enjoy the book.

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