Right before I got on my blog this evening, I was on Yahoo and saw a short post about two high school football teams playing each other.  It turns out there was a video with it.  My dad and I read the post then watched the video.  The post was about two football teams in Michigan who played each other on the night of the home school’s homecoming.  The home team, John Glenn High School, was losing 28-27 with eight seconds left in the game. John Glenn was kicking a field goal to win the game, but it got blocked :(.  The ball, when it got blocked, evidently did not cross the line of scrimmage.  The holder, who holds the ball for the kicker, picked up the ball and just held it.  Now, while he picked up the ball, Plymouth was already off to the sidelines celebrating.  The referee did not blow the whistle to end the game.  It took the coaches and players about ten seconds to figure this out before they were all screaming, “Run!!”  The holder ran 16 yards for a touchdown while the other team just sat there with disbelief. 


If I was the coach or player for the Plymouth, I would be so embarassed.  I would never want to show my face up again at school and in the public.  Please tell me about how you would feel if you were a Plymouth player or coach after what happened during this game.


Click on this address to get to this video and post:http://highschool.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1001233.


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  1. Molly says:

    That would have been an awful moment for Plymouth.

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