Pumpkin TowerWOW!! I just love the Pumpkin Show. Yesterday was a beautiful day for the Pumpkin Show. The weather was great and the lines for the rides weren’t long at ALL.  I went in to the show around 11:30 and rode rides with my friend Natalie.  We also watched the Little Miss parade and saw Little Miss Laurelville, Jessica A.  We stayed for the Queen parade and saw Logan Elm’s candidates, Paige R. and Tracie M.  Tracie M. got queen and Paige didn’t place at all :(.  But at least Logan Elm was represented well.

Well I got to go.  I’m getting ready to leave for the Pumpkin Show today.  Lets hope today’s weather will be as good as yesterdays!!


Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/57607191@N00/276403806/


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  1. Natalie E says:

    Hey Hannah this is Nat……I just love being your friend. I really enjoyed hanging out with you during Pumpkin Show. IT WAS TONS OF FUN!!!! Also I really really really enjoyed parking cars with you for our softball league. Thank You So Much.

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