Yesterday parked cars at the Pumpkin Show. I parked cars for the Circleville Girls Softball League.  Yes, I parked cars out in the cold and a little bit of rain while my sister and Dad went to the Ohio State game yesterday.  I envy them.  I would have rather gone to the O.S.U. game, but it was Molly’s turn to go.  Anyway, when I parked cars, I saw three people who paid for the car behind them.  The people who paid for the people behind them didn’t even know who they were!! I thought that was a good as a deed as you are going to get.

Please tell me if you saw any good deeds during your break at the Pumpkin Show or wherever you went!!


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  1. Alden says:

    What? you parked cars? That sounds like fun, But not nearly as much fun as an O.S.U foot ball game.

  2. ericah22 says:

    How interesting I bet that is a very good deed. I would be very happy if someone did that for me.

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