larger than life LaraIf Lara came to our school, how would she recite her poems?? If Larger-Than-Life Lara came to our school instead of Paris Elementary, she would still probably be saying the poems that she says when someone does something mean to her. The reason Lara would still be saying the poems at our school is because we have some people who judge others by what they wear, their size, and what they look like. They just automatically start doing mean stuff to whoever.

If Lara came to our school, we would probable have to get her a humongous desk with a big chair like our Study Island Student of the Day chair. We would also probably have to avoid sitting with her at the lunch table, for our health, not to be mean.

I know if Lara came to our school, I would not make fun of her. But I can honestly say I wouldn’t talk to her very much. But I would at least try. And I know that’s better than what some people will do.


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  1. Hadley says:

    Oh my gosh, YES!! That post describes ME! WOW! Great!!!!!!

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