If a friend of yours made fun of someone else because of their actions, would you do the same?  If you don’t, that in my opinion is great sportsmanship.  I think sportsmanship is respect to others, and self-respect.  It is also being fair.  You may think of sportsmanship just involving sports, but Mr. McGuire got me thinking it doesn’t have to be just in sports.  It can be anywhere, such as in the classroom.

Sportsmanship is important in the classroom because if a classmate you envy gets and A+ and you might get a C, do you call them a nerd just because they might be better at school than you are?  Or do you just keep your feelings to yourself and show your respect to them?  I think keeping your feelings to yourself is the right thing to do because that shows  sportsmanship, even though no one else knows what you really think.

Another example that shows sportsmanship is important in the classroom is if you see someone and they are making fun of someone, would you just stand there and watch and laugh, or would you stand up for the person that is getting picked on?  I know I would probably stand up for the person getting picked on because I would not liked to get picked on.   And I bet you the person that is making fun of someone has been picked on before or just doesn’t have any friends and wants some attention.  That’s probably why they’re picking on someone.  This is sportsmanship because it shows you have respect for the person that is getting picked on.

Over all, I think sportsmanship shows a LOT about yourself.  It shows in you if you are grumpy, kind to others, or if you are being fair or not fair to others.


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  1. Hadley says:

    Yeah, I totally agree. Sportsmanship plays a big roll in the everyday life of the average person(unless you are rich).

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