I am thankful for many things.  These things are:

– My family and friends because I have people who love and care for me.  I can count on them being there for me.

– Shelter because I have someplace where I can go to stay dry and warm.

– Food: Everyone knows that one, but if you didn’t, food is what keeps us alive and we need it to survive.

– Clothing because it keeps me warm and comfy.

– Freedom because I would hate to be a person in another country and not have the rights like we do.

– The people who fight for us to still have freedom.

– Technology because it helps improve the world and makes it easier for us to do stuff like travel and find out what’s going on (the news).

– Earth and life

– Sports because without them, everyone will become couch potatoes and get really big without being active.  Also because after school, kids would get really bored because there would be nothing to do except watch TV and eat.

– School because without school I wouldn’t be smart and wouldn’t ever get to be a sports photographer.

– Jobs because people can help other people depending on what there job is and jobs give people money to afford food, clothes, shelter, etc.

These are the things I am thankful for.  Please tell me what you are thankful for.  Oh, there’s one more thing I am thankful for:

– I am thankful the Buckeyes are going to play in the Rose Bowl in January.

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/12673610@N04/3914363448/


3 responses »

  1. Madison says:

    That’s awesome that you are thankful for so many things! This post has a lot of good things to be thankful for.

  2. Mr. McGuire says:

    I am thankful for students that are dedicated to being successful. You are the poster child for working hard to be a success. Thanks for being such a great role model.

  3. Natalie says:

    I am thankful for a great friend like you Hannah, and all my friends at Laurelville! I love your new post and I really think you’re a great writer 🙂

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