How would you like to not have a Dad, and lose your house??  That is what life is like for Harper Lee Morgan.  Her Dad took off about two years ago and he owed a lot of money to the landlord, so when he left, Harper, Hemingway, and their mom are forced out of their house.

The main character in this book is Harper.  She is in the fifth grade, and she has a love and passion for writing poems.  When the family loses their house, she writes a lot more poems.  She writes poems about what her life is like.  But, she may never get the chance to stand up on a stage and read her poems to people because of her life and what her Mom needs her to do.

My favorite character in this book is Lorraine.  She is my favorite character because she doesn’t have a whole lot to do in the story.  She’s kind of out-of-place like her brother.  It is interesting to find out what she thinks about people thinking that she is retarded.  It also interesting to see how she overcomes her problems and fears.

My favorite part of this book is in the last two chapters.  This is because it is basically the climax of the book.  Things get really interesting and you just want to keep reading on.  That’s the way it was with me.  The author does a nice job of putting the very best part at the end.  Then, at the very end of the book, it just suddenly comes to an end, making you wander, “What will happen to their family from there?”


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    I just read this book and it it fabulous. Super job describing it without giving away the story.

  2. Hadley says:

    Nice job, Mr. McGuire! PUGS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Your Dad says:

    Mr. McGuire, she gets it from her mother.

  4. Mr. McGuire says:

    I was stuttering because I was sooooooooo, sooooooo nervous, commenting on the blog of Ms. Perfection.

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