Last night the Logan Elm Braves Boys basketball team played Bloom Carroll.  It was a pretty good game to the end, but we were always neck-n-neck with each other.  Logan Elm came out with the win though, and it was absolutely amazing how it happened.  With about ten seconds left in the game, we were tied 50-50.  So Logan Elm gets the ball and takes it up court, wanting to run the time out so they can get the last shot.  Our senior Adam Blake is handling the ball.  With about three seconds left, he dribbles to the left-wing and shoots a three-pointer with a defender right in his face.  The ball goes in right as time runs out.  The score was 50-53 Logan Elm.  Logan Elm remains undefeated and their next game Tuesday, December 22 at home vs. Circleville.


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  1. Hadley says:

    Oh my godness!! That does sound exciting!! I hope Logan Elm remains undefeated! That would be awesome!!!

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