Today (Sunday), there is officially 5 days ’til Christmas!!  We are done with our Christmas shopping for everybody and still have to wrap just a few presents.  Today my mom, sister and I are going to make our delicious Reindeer cookies. They have pretzels :), white chocolate, and red and green M&M’s in them.  You just melt the white chocolate and pour them inside the wholes of the pretzels.  Then, you take pretzel sticks and snap them in half, using them as your “antleers”.  Next, very carefully you take two green M&M’s and put them in as the”eyes” and you take a red M&M and use it as Rudolphs red nose.  These are very cute and delicious treats to have.  We usually have them all eaten up by Christmas.  This is another tradition that we do at our house.

On the downside, I am very tired and bored.  I miss everybody at our school and Mr. McGuire’s jokes even though they are corny :).  All I did yesterday was watch T.V. downstairs.  Sometimes I even found myself in my room listening to my radio and just staring up at the ceiling.  Now that’s pretty bad!  I even find myself not wanting to read my 6 books I got from the library, which is strange because I love to read.

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  1. Kate says:

    My life right now is pretty much described in you second paragragh. I have nothing to do exept watch Christmas movies I only watch half of. I usually watch the second half so it’s confusing. But when I watch the first half I end up wondering how it ends. Pretty boring.
    But I helped clean the house today, so today wasn’t as boring as usual. I can’t wait until Christmas, because then I’ll have a bunch of toys and stuff to keep me busy. 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Hadley says:

    I agree with Kate. Long. Tired. Bored. I can’t say I miss Mr.McGuire’s corny jokes, though. 🙂

    • Mr. McGuire says:

      Nice try Hadley, but I know that you, Hannah, and Kate are all very sad and absolutely cannot wait to get back to school. Don’t worry, I have been practicing up and by the time break is over, I will really be ready to win the gold medal in sarcasm for making fun of you three stooges.

      Try to enjoy the rest of break, and don’t worry, only a few more days and you will be back in class.

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