After 3 snow days and our Christmas Break, we are finally back in school. We will leave at 2:15, but at least we are still back.  And by the looks of the snow we have coming our way, it looks like this will be our only day of school this week.  That is, if the weatherman is right.

Today in the Reading Workshop, we are commenting on the Reading Workshop about writing poems.  Please go and check this out because I have seen some really awesome comments.

On the other hand, I have had a fun time playing outside during our snow days with my sister.  We have this little hill in our front yard that always catches a HUGE drift.  So we take our flat sled and we run and jump on it, flying down the hill.  We like to stand up on it and go down.  Well, my sister and I were both standing up on it, going down at the same time.  She starts to fall and I start to fall at the same time.  I end up falling down on top of her and she’s laughing her head off. That’s why I have enjoyed my time off.

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  1. Hadley says:

    So you can stand up with your sister, but not me!! 🙂

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