Well, it is still pouring cats and dogs outside 😦 :(. As we drove to school, today, I saw that half of people’s yards were flooded, it is so bad. It’s good for the duck, and birds, but not good for the poor little wormies because the big bad birds will come and eat them, since they get flooded from their homes. Anyway, it is really ugly outside because when you think of winter, you think of a winter wonderland with the white snow and everything, but no :(. Instead we see the ugly ugly color of brown (mud).


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    Well, I hope you are happy. 🙂 Complain about the rain and then we get snow, wind, and cold. And, no snow day. I am ready for some spring!

  2. Dad says:

    How about a little more white stuff to cover up the mud?

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