In the Reading WorkshopIan, Hadley, Madison, Josh, Eric , Micah and I are going to give a book talk.  A book talk is where you talk about a book that you are reading (or have read) and try to get the viewers interested without giving away too much.  This is going to be put on The Reading Workshop, so because it’s THE awesomest blog in the world. . . 🙂 we have to really prepare for it and look our best 🙂  Here is part of my story board that Mr. McGuire wants us to fill out.

Catch:  Have you ever seen something in a place where you know it’s not supposed to be?  That’s what happens to Angela DuPre in Found.

Scene Two:  Chip and Jonah start getting these mysterious letters that makes them wonder who they really are.  These letters say creepy stuff like “You are one of the missing!”

Scene Three:  So Chip Jonah and Katherine, who is Jonah’s younger sister cook up a plan to find out who is behind the letters.  But will it work?

Scene Four:  Then everything gets chaotic, and it really draws you in as a reader.

Scene Five:  So what will happen to Chip, Jonah and Katherine?  And maybe even Angela?  You’ll have to read this book!!

Scene Six:  This book has a lot of action in it and if you love actions and mysteries like I do, you will love this series by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Happy Readings!!! 🙂

 Thanks for the great idea Hadley!!!  Go to her blog to check out another version of this topic.


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    I am anxious to see your video. Maybe you can be the first published book talk.

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