Well, snow has taken up the Eastern United States.  We are on our 6th snow day,  which means we will have to make-up on day already, since the limit is 5.  Anyways, snow is everywhere!!!  At our house, we have at least 4 inches in some areas.  We have a lot of thick drifts.

My sister and I have been outside playing, because the snow is so hard to resist.  Yesterday, we built a snowman , since it’s really good packing snow.  I couldn’t roll the body if it were to save a life, so that’s my sister’s job.  My job is to make it look like a sphere.  I’m OK at that :).  For the eyes, we tried to use blueberries, but that wouldn’t work, so we used blue food coloring.  For the nose, we tried to stick a carrot in, but THAT wouldn’t work either!!  So we used a little stick.  And for the mouth, we again tried to use blueberries, but that wouldn’t work (that’s a shock!!).  So we used the blue food coloring and now our snowman looks like a little kid who just got done eating a blue slushy  :).

We also buried each other, and that wasn’t a very good idea.  I was the first to get buried, with everything but my head covered.  Now that was COLD and my sister took forever doing it.  I couldn’t feel my fingers.  But that all changed because as soon as she was done, I looked at it, got out and ran to the back where the “Creatures”  were, to get a closer look.  Now that really heated me up!!  Next was Molly to be buried.  She didn’t get buried all the way the first time because we saw our neighbor’s puppy and went over to see him.  Now that was the first time.  The second time, I couldn’t get the snow to pack around her.  I also had to go really soft around her bad toe (her toenail’s going to fall off sooner or later) and that wasn’t easy because you had to push to get the snow to pack.  So I was buried better( and colder) than her.



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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    Aren’t we soooo lucky. Now we get to come to school on Monday (President’s Day).

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