We are closed once again, because of the snow we’re supposed to get later today.  I was surprised when I found out that we were closed.  I was actually looking forward to go to school today.  How about you???  Anyhow, I don’t know what I am going to do today because my mom is downstairs, my dad’s on the couch and my sister is in her room.  I guess I could just be on the computer all day today.  But, I want to go outside even if some of the snow is melting.  But hopefully we get what they are calling for (3-6) today.  Who knows though?  Ok, I just found something for me to do.  I could go downstairs and bump my volleyball against the wall.  Wait, Mom’s down there. 

I was supposed to play in our 6th grade basketball tournament this weekend for a make-up from last week, but that got cancelled again because one of the 6th grade boys team stole the gym from us :(.  So my tournament is now next week.  If we don’t get it in next week, I don’t know if we’ll ever get it in.  We will play in two other tournaments.  The first tournament is the London tournament and that is in ( you guessed it ) London.  Last year our same team went there and we made it to the championship game and that game went into overtime and we lost by 2. 

Then we go the Amanda tournament.  We didn’t do too good in the tournament and lost our first 2 games.  I think we got like 4th place or something like that.  I forgot to tell you the teams play that play in the Tri- County league this year.  There us (Logan Elm) who is 2-3, Unioto 4-1, Westfall 3-2, Zane Trace 0-5, Huntington, 5-0 and last but not least Amanda Clearcreek who is 1-4.  In our tournament that should happen next week, we will play Amanda, who we beat in our first game of the season at 12:00.  Our 6th grade team has players from each school.  From Laurelville: Me, and Madison but she is not going to play in any tournaments with us.  From Saltcreek: Casey Gardner.  From Washington:  Nikki Franks, Rylee Stiverson, Lauryn VanHoose.  From Pickaway: Natalie Elswick, Emily Hardin, Jayln Joslyn, and McKenzie Jones.  My sister and Jill Congrove sometimes practice with us, but they have their own team.


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  1. Hadley says:

    Too bad the tournament is re-scheduled. Now you’ll have to come to my house!!!

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