For the past week, I have had about a minimum of 5 viewers per day. And no one has commented!!!!! That drives me crazy!!!! I don’t know about you but when I see someone has read a certain post and not commented, it makes me think ” What did I do wrong?” I think that because if they don’t comment, then obviously, they didn’t like or have any interest in that single post. So make sure you comment!!!!! 🙂

The LE Braves 6th grade girls team FINALLY plays in our tournament today. We play at 1:00 against Amanda at Logan Elm. If we win, we play at 3:00 against Huntington, who is 5-o.


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    Hey, we should talk about this in class. Bring it up, and we will have a discussion about commenting and blogging in general. Then, you can write about that, and there will be even more reason to comment.

    See you tomorrow, in the circle, as we discuss comments.

  2. Natalie E says:

    😀 That would drive me nuts too!!!!!

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