All I can say is I am so happy we are on a weekend because if today was another school day, we would probably be closed today.  There are huge drifts everywhere and it is STILL snowing at our house.  What is it like in Laurelville?  We have to drive all the way from our house at 4:00 to Logan High School to watch the Logan Elm Braves basketball team play at 7:00 against Vinton County.  So, it’s a long drive for us on twisty roads.


3 responses »

  1. Bethanie says:

    I know, the drifts are so big down near my uncles house. We had to drive on the other side of the road!

  2. Dad says:

    Wow! Someone had a bad hair day.

  3. Cassie says:

    I agree some one did have a bad hair day. But girls have really bad hair days. Just like guys do but not bold guys laugh out loud.

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