This weekend was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was awesome because of all the fun stuff we did and the millions of stories I have to share.  First it started off Friday by going down to the Convo to watch the Braves basketball team play and win against Waverly.  I stayed with my friend to watch the game after that and their family took me home afterwards.  I didn’t get to bed ’till 10:00 which may not seem late to some of you, but I knew it was late for me because I had two games of basketball to play the next day.

So, as I was saying in the previous paragraph, the 6th grade girls basketball team played in a tournament in London.  Our first game was at 12:45 but we had to leave around 11:00 because it takes an hour to get there and we have to be there at least a half hour before our game starts.  First we played Bethel, who we played last year in the same tournament and lost by two points in overtime in the championship.  Well this time, we were the ones that beat them.  I can’t remember the final score of that game, but I at least know that we won :).  Then we played London.  It was back and forth that whole game, but with a couple seconds left, it was tied and they had the ball.  They passed it down the court where they scored the winning bucket just as time went out :(.

Since we were 1-1 in the Round Robin, we had to play at 9:00.  That means most of the team had to get up around 6:00 :(.  So anyhow, we played Miami Trace and beat them, moving on to play Westfall.  Now, in our regular-season league, when we played them, they beat us.  That’s what happened again.  But this time, it was a little closer.  This game ended up going into overtime where we lost by 2 points.  That game was to get into the championship.  Westfall went on to beat London to win the championship 22-10.

That’s how my awesome (and really tiring) weekend went.  So if my teachers think I seem really tired, if they read this, then they’ll know why!!! 🙂


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