The only time we’ve seen the turkeys in about a month was when they were the length of a football field away. We haven’t seen them in a month because now that it is spring-time, they can find other places to eat really easily, according to my dad. Well this morning when we were backing out of our garage, I spotted some of the turkeys way behind the pines trees. I could only see their shadow. So when we pull out onto the road after I put the mail in the mailbox, I look back into our backyard, and there are the turkeys, as close as they could ever be in our backyard!!!! Molly and I both saw them and we were both like “Awwwww!!!” because we missed them. Mom said “Well, I’m not going to change my schedule just to see the turkeys we’ve seen a hundred times before” So anyhow, we missed the turkeys today but hopefully we can see them tomorrow!!!!!

Once again, tonight the Logan Elm Braves basketball team plays at 8:00 at the Convocation Center in The Ohio University Campus. They play against Columbus St. Francis DeSales. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!

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