Today in The Reading Workshop, we were assigned to write this post about what makes us keep reading in our SSR book.  The book that I am reading is called Chasing Yesterday: #1 Awakening by Robin Wasserman.

What makes me want to keep reading in this book is the suspense.  One example of the suspense in this story is J.D.’s past.  No one knows anything about what happened to her, not even herself.  She can’t even remember her name, so at the hospital, they call her Jane Doe.  Then suddenly she’s J.D., until someone comes along “claiming” to be her mother.  Her “mother” says her real name is Alexa, but J.D. can’t remember that.  Besides, if this woman is really her mother, then why didn’t she come for J.D. when she was at the hospital and on TV?  Not at Chester Center for Juvenile Services???!!!

Another thing that makes me want to read on in this series is connections.  J.D. gets these feelings coming over her and does stuff that she doesn’t even mean to do.  I get that feeling sometimes.  Do you?!  For example, J.D. stands up for her friend against a big bully named Mel and she comes at J.D. with a knife.  All of a sudden J.D. throws Mel and she face-plants the black top.  J.D. didn’t even mean to throw her, but once again, she has that urge coming over her.

Madison has given a great book talk on this book. Go to her blog to check it out or the Reading Workshop Book Talk page.


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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    This is my favorite series of the year!

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