In the Reading Workshop, we had to write a comment about how we think our integrity affects our life and how our integrity compares to Kevin’s, from Freak The Mighty.

Here is my comment:

I think integrity does matter to a sixth grader because you don’t want them talking about your bad integrity while you’re at recess. For example if Hadley, Madison or Savannah told me to steal something in Mr. McGuire’s desk (which they never would) I wouldn’t. It also matters because your friends want someone that knows the right things to do (and not to do). And I hope you would want someone with a good integrity as a friend too.

Integrity guides my life because I think integrity means doing the right thing and I want to do the right things in my life.

I think Kevin’s integrity is different from mine. For one, I wouldn’t lie about getting a brand new body. I also wouldn’t keep it a secret from Max that I knew I only had about a year to live. With that big of thing, I would be sure to tell my best friend(s).


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