In the Reading Workshop, we have continued to work on our fictional narrative.

1.  Create your characters and develop their characteristics and physical traits.  Is there a villain and what is he/she like?  How does the bad guy impact the story?

Daija- A 13-year-old, tall, medium-size blonde, athletic, smart, and attitude that makes her think she’s the best at EVERYTHING, Dad- Preston, Mom- Taylor

Bobby- A 14-year-old short and skinny red-head, VERY SMART (actually in 8th grade but taking sophomore math classes), on the Debate team, very kind/nice attitude, nothing at ALL like Daija

Brenna- A 13-year-old tall skinny brunette who’s VERY smart, VERY athletic, new to Woodburn Junior High, doesn’t have any friends yet, very shy, but yet outgoing when it comes to sports and classes

2.  Create the setting.  Where and when does the story take place.  How does the setting impact the story?

– The setting takes place in Woodburn Junior High, a new two- story school with an 2 indoor swimming pools, a giant auditorium, 4 softball fields, 4 baseball fields, a nice new football field with a track around (and yes this is a junior high!), about 10 seventh grade classes, and 15 eight grade classes.

– How

3.  Create the problem or conflict?  What minor problems will build tension leading to the climax?  How will the main character react when faced with the main problem/conflict?
4. What crisis will occur at the last minute which will grab the reader and give the main character a last chance to solve the problem?  Plan for a fingernail biting moment.
5. How will the main character solve the problem?  What positive attribute like courage, creativity, or intelligence does he/she possess which will help him succeed?
6.  Finish with style.  What lesson does the main character learn?  How will the reader connect and learn from the moral?

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