Saturday, Justin Bieber was in town and my parents surprised me, Molly, my friend Natalie and Molly’s friend Grace with tickets to the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Originally we thought we were just going to Easton to go shopping and get something to eat in celebration of me and Natalie making the volleyball team 🙂 🙂 :). So we just think of it as a girls night out.  But as were in Olive Garden and getting ready to leave, Mom says “Ok, do we want to go to Easton, Tuttle,. . . or the JUSTIN BIEBER concert!!!!” We were all like “Bieber!!”

When we get there, we all enjoy watching his first opening act, Vita Chambers.  Then out comes Jessica Jarrell and she was me and Natalie’s favorite opening act so far.  She was singing and dancing along with her background dancers so we thought that was really cool.  Now, when we first got there,  we did not know SEAN KINGSTON (!!!!!!!!) was going to be there!!!  So out he comes and sings his awesome songs and everyone is just up and jumping around, singing.  After he gets done performing, they take a 20 minute break and at the 15 minute mark, a countdown comes down ’till when JB comes out.  Even when the countdown started, you would have thought he already came out, there were that many girls screaming already!

When the time runs out, the place gets dark and just erupts in screams.  They show a video of whatis “suppose” to be happening backstage.  They show his background dancers dancing to his new Xbox game and then he appears on the screen and once again the place just erupts.  Then he starts dancing along and all the dancers leave because they know it is time to go on stage.  He is the last one standing.  Finally when he comes out, he comes out of the floor in a giant ball with smoke going everywhere.  His opening song was “Love Me”.  He sings a couple more songs and then gets up in a heart-shaped chair and go out over the audience.  He does this twice.  Then he brings out just a fan and serenades her with flowers and takes his hand against her cheek.  You would have thought something terrible happened the way that place erupted in screams (including me :/). 

Next he sings a couple of more songs and leaves the stage.  But we encore him back because we knew he still hasn’t sang his biggest hit “Baby” yet.  He comes back out and he’s like “you guys want Baby?” and then starts singing “rockaby baby in the treetop. . .”  Then he realizes that we mean his song and starts singing.  That’s when the crowd got the most into it.  We were screaming and jumping up and down, everything you can possibly think of.  My mom said she was surprised the place didn’t tumble down they way we were jumping so hard!! 🙂

All-in-all we had a great time especially seeing that hot guy. 😉


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  1. Molly says:

    That concert was awesome!! I really, really enjoyed it!!!

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