Fictional Narrative

Our assignment in the Reading Workshop is to write a fictional narrative. Here is my start:

How many characters will there be?
-There will be 3 characters.
What are the names of the characters?
-Their names will be Daija, Bobby, Brenna
Who is the main character?
Where does the story take place?
-The story takes place in a middle school, Woodburn Junior High.
 When does the story take place?
-The story takes place in modern time
What will happen in the story?
-Daija will pick on Brenna, and her friend Bobby will help.
What problems occur?
-Brenna moving in a week before school started, Daija an Bobby picking on Brenna, Daija losing her Dad in a car wreck.
How will the problems be solved?
-The main problem, Daija and Bobby picking on Brenna, will be solved by Daija seeing that she is not only hurting Daija by picking on her, but she’s also hurting Bobby.
What moral or lesson will be learned?
-The lesson that will be learned is be yourself.


This past week was probably the most awesome school week.  That IS, until we go to camp :)!!  Though we had testing this week, I’m SO happy to get it over!  Some of you might disagree, but you have to admit you are at least a little glad. 

We took the tests, had two hours worth of extra recess, sang a LOT more, got the choice to draw/read in Science for two days and got the same choice in Math for a day. 

That’s why my week was awesome.  What did you think about it?!   Tell me!!!  Oh, and THANK YOU TEACHERS!!!!!  I hope the rest of the year is like this!!!!!!

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Do you consider yourself or someone you know as hippie??  Really never used anything new in your life?!  That’s what it’s like for Capricorn Anderson.  Cap lives with his grandmother Rain.  That is, until she falls out of a plum-tree and breaks her hip.

Cap and Rain live in Garland, an alternative farm commune.  A long time ago fourteen families of hippies lived there, but now it’s only just Cap and Rain.  So when Rain falls, there is no one there to help Cap.  Rain tells him to take her to a hospital.  Of course, he’s freaking out.  He doesn’t know what that is!!!!  He drives her there as Rain gives directions, and he’s only 13!!!!  When the cop asks him why he didn’t just call 9-1-1 instead of driving, Cap says, yep, you guessed it, “What’s that?!?!?”  Then he said he’s been driving since he was 8!

Now, with Rain in the hospital, Cap is now stuck living with another family and go to school. He was home-schooled.  But anyway, he is now forced to go to Claverage Middle School (C Average Middle School) and try to fit in.

I haven’t gotten any further in this book (Schooled, by the way), but so far it is really good.

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Ok, so you probably all know that I have given a book talk on the Kingdom Keepers series for the Reading Workshop.  If you haven’t, click here to watch it.  Anyway, when I gave that book talk, the third book, Disney in the Shadows, hadn’t come out yet.   So I made a prediction and it turned out I was right.  So this was my prediction:

Since the first book took place in Magic Kingdom and the second book took place Animal Kingdom, I predicted that the third book would take place in Epcot.  And I was right!!!!!!!!  Even though I haven’t read the book yet, I know I’m right because I saw the author, Ridley Pearson do an interview on the T.V. and he said that the cars in Test Track (one of my favorite rides) came alive to help the Overtakers. 

So, in any of your favorite series or just one book, have you made a prediction and gotten it right?!  Tell me!!!!!!

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Destiny (No, not the name)

Today in the Reading Workshop, we were to comment on Mr. McGuire’s blog about our destiny, since it was brought up in a discussion as we finished Freak The Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my comment:

I think as I get older, I control my destiny more and more, because I am getting freedom, along with responsibility. For example, I may not be able to control whether or not we move to a different school, but I can control what I do at that school, like get good grades.

What am I doing to steer my life towards success is just about everything I am capable of doing. Like paying attention in class, doing my homework, turning stuff in on time, participating in discussions, and many other things. But, as I get older and in college, I can take the classes that will help me become a photographer of anything, or whatever I change my mind to become. There, I will do the same things.


Today in the Reading Workshop, we watched a video about a football player that thought he wasn’t capable of doing the death crawl to the 50-yard line, since he has only gone to the 30-yard line.  If you want to see his results, go here to watch the video.

This is my comment about how close I think I am to my potential:

I think I am close to reaching my potential. From 1-100 on the Potentialmeter, I think I would be somewhere around 96-97. My best is when I give everything I am capable of. I give my best, no matter what I’m supposed to do. On the achievement test, I will just keep pushing myself to go on, no matter what the question is asking, or how hard it is.  For example, on the seventh grade math practice test, I got stuck on a really hard question. I wanted to quit and come back to it later, but I knew if I did that, I would frustrate myself even more. So I worked on the question, and about fifteen minutes later, I finally completed it. I was very proud of myself for getting through that hard question without giving up.

But, if I am not close to my maximum potential, one thing I can do to improve it is pay attention in class more and participate. Another thing I can do is get help from other people that may be higher on the scale that I am.

Four and Done

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today is our last Saturday school!!!  The theme for today was “pajama day” and I see a lot of people wearing their pajamas’.  Anyhow, I am excited!!!!  I am going to my friend Kasis’s house, since her birthday was Thursday.  And because it’s our last Saturday :).

Are you guys as excited as I am that it is our last Saturday?!  I hope you are because if you aren’t, you’re crazy!!  I know Hadley is sure glad it’s our last!!!  She was complaining on her blog that she hated coming to Saturday school, but I got her to admit that she really liked it ;).  Hadley, if you are reading this, please comment and tell the readers what you think.

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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Have you read any Margaret Peterson Haddix books???  If you haven’t, you should.  She is my favorite author and after you finish reading this post, you will know why she is my favorite.

Margaret Peterson Haddix writes action books and mystery books.  She writes with very good detail, which is why I like her so much.  She gives you enough information to just draw you in and connect.

She also writes science-fiction books.  She has a series out called the Missing Series, which contains the first book Found, and the second book Sent.  These books have to do with time-travel and other scientific stuff.  This is the series I have given a book talk on.

Now, hopefully you see why Margaret Peterson Haddix is my favorite author.  Go pick up one of her books now!!!!!!

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Saturday School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a total of 5 days to make up because of our snow days, and we are making up 4 of them on Saturdays!!!!!  We have to go one more Saturday after today!!!  Yeah!!!! Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve went to school on Saturday.  When I was in the fourth grade, we went.  But this time, I’m older and it bugs me a little bit.

It bugs me a little bit because I love to sleep in, and Saturday is really my only day to sleep in.  The reason I really only get one day in the weekend to sleep in is we go to church on Sunday’s and church starts at 9:00.  Sometimes though we have a late night, Mom just let’s my sister and I sleep in.  I love when she does that!

But I also like coming to school.  I like coming to school because I learn things (sometimes :)) and get to visit with my friends.  It also helps that we have a theme for every Saturday to make it fun.  Here’s what the theme is for each day:

Last Saturday: Team apparel, hat day

TodayMixed match day. backwards day

Next Saturday PAJAMMA DAY!!!!!  I can’t wait!!!!

What do you like/not like about going to school on Saturdays???????

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Helping Others

For a grade in the Reading Workshop, we were assigned to write a comment about kindness from a video we watched. Here is my comment about Madison and helping others.

I have seen someone who should be included in this video. Madison is always helping Erica every time I look at her. For example, when someone put bunny ears on Erica, Madison told him to stop. He kept doing it because he just wanted to be funny, so Madison just moved Erica’s chair toward her more and turned it to where he couldn’t do it anymore.

Madison is always helping others, not just Erica. I think if everyone was as helping as Madison, we would all be in this video.

Go to to watch this video and see the other comments.

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